Naruto Episode 1 - Enter: Naruto Uzumaki!

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"__" = talking

*___* = thinking to self

[___] = actions

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[The moon shines bright in the night sky. As a tail sweeps across the screen the camera zooms out to show a giant fox demon with nine tails destroying the land.]

3rd Hokage: “Twelve years ago, a nine-tailed fox suddenly appeared. It’s tails lashed out, smashing mountains, and sending tidal waves crashing to the shores.”

[The beast snarls then jumps, crushing more trees.]

3rd Hokage: “The ninja rose up to depend their villages.”

[Many leaf shinobi can be seen now, some injured, while others are ready for battle.]

Leaf Shinobi 1: “Hold the attack and wait for the 4th Hokage!”

Leaf Shinobi 2: “It’s getting closer! Don’t let it near the village!”

[A large toad with a pipe in its mouth and a sword on its back appears. A man (the fourth hokage) is standing on top of its head.]

3rd Hokage: “One shinobi faced the nine-tailed fox in mortal combat. He sacrificed his life to capture the beast and seal it in a human body.”

[The camera pans out and the 4th Hokage can be seen more clearly. He has blonde hair and is wearing the red and white Hokage robes. The 4th puts his hands close together and a bright light engulfs the screen.]

3rd Hokage: “This ninja is known as the 4th Hokage.”

[A Shiki Fuujin Seal (Demon Seal) flashes onto the screen and appears on the stomach of a new born babe. He has blonde hair and black whisker like marks on his checks. Lying on a pillow surrounded by candles the child cries like all newborns do. The scene fast forwards to twelve years later with the same child (Naruto) running with a bucket of yellow paint. There are two older ninja chasing him.]

Naruto: “Bha ha ha ha! Ha ha ha ha ha !"

Older Ninja 1: “Naruto, come back here! When I get my hands on you!”

Naruto: “Ha ha ha ha ha!”

Older Ninja 2: “You crossed the line this time Naruto!”

[Naruto and the two ninja begin jumping a top the buildings, all while Naruto can’t hold in his bursts of laughter.]

Naruto: “Ha ha! Give it up, You’re just bent because you don’t have the guts to do what I do. Do ya? Losers! Wannabes! You’ll never catch me! Ha ha ha ha!”

[The scene changes to the 3rd Hokage (a 69 year old man) in is office, writing on a scroll and smoking a pipe (as he usually does). A ninja bursts into the room in panic.]

Panicked Ninja: “Lord Hokage! It’s an emergency!”

3rd Hokage: “I hope your not bothering me with some trivia and don’t tell it’s Naruto again.”

Panicked Ninja: “It is Naruto again! He climbed onto the great stone faces!”

Other Ninja that appears out of nowhere: “He put graffiti all over the Hokage!”

[The 3rd Hokage sighs and blows out smoke in frustration. The scene changes back to Naruto still being chased by the two ninja. He jumps down from the building and seems to have run down the street but is actually hiding behind a blanket that looks like the fence.]

Older Ninja 2: “Eh! Naruto hold on!”

[The two ninja run by without noticing him. Naruto throws down the blanket.]

Naruto: “Ha ha ha. That was to easy.”

[His sensei, Iruka, appears behind him.]

Iruka: “Oh yeah Naruto!”

Naruto: “Aaahhhh!” [Naruto jumps in the air, legs kicking, and lands hard on the ground.]

Naruto: “Where’d you come from Iruka-sensei? What’re you doing here?”

Iruka: “No, what’re you doing here? You’re suppose to be in class.” [Iruka brings Naruto back to the academy.]

Iruka: “I’m at the end of my rope, Naruto. You failed the graduation test last time and the time before that. Tomorrow you’ve got another chance and you’re messing up again.”

Naruto: “Hmph!” [He turns his head to the side.]

Iruka: (pointing dramatically) “Fine! Because you missed it Naruto, everyone will review the transformation jutsu!”

Class: “Aaaawwwww!” [The class begins practicing. A pink haired girl (Sakura) goes first.]

Sakura: “Alright, Sakura here! Let’s do it. Transform!” [She transforms perfectly into Iruka.]

Iruka: “Transformed into me. Goood.” [She changes back.]

Sakura: “Yes I did it!”

Inner Sakura: “I kicked butt!”

Sakura: “Sasuke, did you see that?”

Iruka: “Next…Sasuke Uchiha.” [Sakura goes to the back of the line and Sasuke steps up. He also transforms perfectly.]

Iruka: “Uh, good. Next Naruto Uzumaki.” [Naruto is standing next to his classmates Shikamaru and Ino.] (hands in his pockets and angry)

Shikamaru: “This is a total waste of time Naruto.”

Ino: “We always pay for your screw-ups.”

Naruto: “Like I care.” [He walks forward and attempts the transformation. Another classmate, Hinata, can be seen across the classroom admiring him.]

Hinata: *Naruto, do your best.*

Naruto: “Transform!” [A large amount of blue chakra emits from Naruto and he transforms into a beautiful, naked girl. He winks and blows a kiss. Iruka flies back dumbfounded.]

Naruto: “Ha ha ha ha! Gotcha, that’s my sexy jutsu!”

Iruka: “Cut the stupid tricks! This is your last warning! ” [Later Iruka takes Naruto to the Hokage faces to clean up the graffiti.]

Naruto: “This sucks. Loser.”

Iruka: “Your not going home until you’ve cleaned off every single drop of paint.”

Naruto: “So what. It’s not like there’s anyone waiting at home for me!” [He continues to rub the paint.]

Iruka: “Naruto?”

Naruto: “What do ya want now sensei?”

Iruka: “Well, I was just thinking. Maybe after you’ve cleaned this all up, I can take you out for some ramen. The good stuff. What do ya think?”

Naruto: “Haa, now that’s some serious motivation! I’ll have this clean in no time!”

[Later at the ramen shop…]

Iruka: “Naruto? “

Naruto: (while slurping mouthfuls of ramen) “Hmm?”

Iruka: “Why would you do that to the hokage faces? I mean, you know who the Hokage are don’t you?”

Naruto: -slurp-“Course I do.”-slurp-“Everybody knows. They were the greatest shinobi of their time, right? The best of the best.Undefeated ninja champs. And the fourth Hokage is the one who saved the village from the nine-tails fox. He was the most amazing.”

Iruka: “Then why did you-“

Naruto: “Because I’m going to be greater than any of them. Me, Naruto, the next Hokage.” Points his chopsticks at Iruka. “A ninja legend! Then everyone will have to stop disrespecting me and look up to me! Believe it!! Uh…by the way, I kinda wanna ask a little favor sensei.”

Iruka: “You want another bowl?”

Naruto: “Um um. Well…I wanna try on your headband. Come on, please.”

Iruka: “Uh…oh this?” (touches his headband) “No way. You can only wear the leaf headband when you’ve finally graduate from the academy and become a ninja. You’ve gotta pass the test tomorrow.”

Naruto: “That is so uncool!”

Iruka: “Ha ha. Hey, is that why you took off your goggles?”

Naruto: “Uuhhh…I want another bowl!” Iruka begins to laugh hysterically.

[The next day at the academy…]

Iruka: “We will now start the final exam. When your name is called proceed to the testing room. The final test will be on the clone jutsu.”

Naruto: *Ugh! That’s my worst technique! Great! I’m never gonna pass!* [The scene changes to a table full of leaf headbands. It is now Naruto’s turn to try at the exam.]

Naruto: *Alright, get it together Naruto! You can do this! Believe it!* (does the hitsuji hand seal) “Clone jutsu!” [Naruto makes a clone, a rather pathetic one. He puts his hand over his mouth shaking. Iruka’s eye starts to twitch.]

Iruka: “You fail!!!” [Naruto screams in horror. The man sitting next to Iruka (Mizuki) speaks up.]

Mizuki: “Iruka, he’s off and his moves weren’t bad, but he did hang in there and replicate. This is his third try so you know he really wants to become a ninja.” Naruto looks on with hope. “We could cut him a break and pass him.”

Iruka: “Mizuki-sensei, the other students created at least three effective replications. But Naruto could only create one and look at it."

Iruka: "It’s pitiful. I can’t pass him.” [The scene changes to the students’ graduation ceremony. The students are in a big group with there parents.]

Student 1: “Ha ha passed it with flying colors.”

Student 2: “They called me first.” [Naruto sits on the swing…sad.]

Student 3: “I’m a ninja, genin.”

Parent 1: “I wish your grandma were here to see this. I’m proud of you son, we all are.”

Parent 2: “Congradulations! I’m going to cook all your favorites tonite. We’ll have a feast!” [Two women turn and look at Naruto.]

Woman 1: “There, do you see him?”

Woman 2: “It’s that boy. I hear he’s the only one who failed.”

Woman 1: “Hmph! Well it serves him right.”

Woman 2: “Just imagine if he became a ninja. I mean he’s the boy who-“

Woman 1: “Shhh! We’re not aloud to talk about that!” [Mizuki stands next to Naruto and Naruto looks at him in confusion.]

Parent 3: “Alright!”

3rd Hokage: “Iruka? There’s something we need to talk about.” [Naruto is no longer on the swing.]

[The scene changes to Naruto and Mizuki sitting on the balcony of a tall building.]

Mizuki: “Iruka-senei’s tough, but he’s not against you.”

Naruto: “Then why? Why only me?”

Mizuki: “He wants you to be strong with all his heart, but that will never happen if he goes easy on you. He’s like you, ya know? No parents…no family.”

Naruto: “But…this time I really wanted to graduate.”

Mizuki: (chuckles) “Then I guess I have to tell you.”

Naruto: “Huh?”

Mizuki: “It’s a secret, but I’m gonna let you in on it.”

[Naruto stares, eyes wide, and mouth a gape.]

Naruto: *I secret?*

[The screen switches to Iruka gazing at the moon from his bed, remembering what the 3rd told him at the graduation ceremony.]

3rd Hokage: “Iruka.”

Iruka: “What is it, Lord Hokage?”

3rd Hokage: “I know how you feel. You grew up just like Naruto, without knowing the love of a mother and father, the warmth of a family.”

[***Flashback*** The fox demon can be seen destroying the land again and you can here the cries of ninja in battle. ]

Ninja 1: “It’s getting closer, don’t let it near the village!”

[A leaf shinobi  flees the battlefield with a young Iruka struggling in his arms.]

Iruka: “Let me go! My mom and dad are still fighting back there! Aaaaahhhhh!!”

[A close-up of the fox demons eye suddenly appears on screen. It is full of anger and hate. ***End Flashback***]

Mizuki: [Knock knock knock] “Iruka-sensei! Wake up!”

[Iruka rushes to the door.]

Iruka: “What? What is it?”

Mizuki: “You need to come to Lord Hokage’s right away! It’s Naruto. He stole the sacred scroll!”

Iruka: “You mean the scroll of sealing? No!”

[Scene change to Naruto studying the sacred scroll in the forest surrounding Konaha.]

Naruto: “Let’s see. The first one is…multie shadow clone jutsu. Aaaaah! Not this again! It’s my worst jutsu!”

[Scene switches back to the village. A large group of ninja are getting ready to search for Naruto. Most of them are in panic.]

Ninja 1: “Lord Hokage! This is not just a prank! This is a serious crime!”

Ninja 2: “That scroll contains secrets that were sealed by the first Hokage, secrets know only to our village!”

Ninja 3: “If it falls into the wrong hands it could destroy our entire way of life.”

3rd Hokage: “Alright. Bring Naruto here at once!”

Ninja: “Sire!”

[The 3rd swings right arm and the group disappears instantly. Iruka begins searching the edge of the village and stops on top a building out of breath.]

Iruka: (huff puff) *Where would he go?* (huff puff huff)

[Mizuki runs down a street, leaving the village.]

Mizuki: *Now that I told everyone what Naruto did I can eliminate him. They’ll be glad he’s gone. And, of course, I keep the scroll for myself.*

[Naruto sits in the forest, tired out, with the scroll on his back.]

Naruto: (huff huff puff huff) “Uh?”

[Iruka walks up to him and puts his hands on his hips…face twitching]

Iruka: “It’s all over. He he he he he.”

Naruto: (puts his hand on the back of his head) “Te he he he he. “

Iruka: “Huh?”

Naruto: “Caught me already? Not bad. Your quick sensei. I only had time to learn one technique.”

Iruka: *He’s been out here practicing! I can tell how hard he’s been working.* [Close-up on Naruto grinning and laughing.]

Naruto: (spreads his arms wide) “Listen Iruka-sensei! I’m gonna show you this amazing jutsu and your gonna let me graduate then everything will be okay! That’s the way it works right? Anyone who learns a jutsu from this scroll passes.”

Iruka: “Huh?! Where’d you get that idea?!”

Naruto: (arms still spread…but now they’re flapping) “Mizuki-sensei told me about it. Believe it!” (spins around to show scroll) “He told me where to find the scroll and this place…” (stops to look at Iruka’s shocked face)

Iruka: *Huh? Mizuki?* [Iruka turns around quickly and pushes Naruto away form multiple kunai flying towards them. A couple hit him in his arms and legs.]

Mizuki: “I see you found our little hide away.”

Iruka: “So that’s the way it is huh? I should have known!”

Mizuki: (kneeling on a branch of a near by tree) “Naruto! Give me the scroll now!”

Naruto: “Wait a minute!” (looks back and forth between Iruka and Mizuki) “What’s going on here!?”

Iruka: (breathing hard…pulls out one of the kunai and throws it) “Naruto! Don’t let Mizuki get the scroll! It contains forbidden jutsu that can put this village in grave danger! Mizuki used you to get the scroll for himself for his own power!”

Naruto: (Gasp!!)

Mizuki: “Naruto! Iruka is just trying to scare you cause he doesn’t want you to have the scroll.”

Naruto: “Huh!?” (looks at a wounded Iruka)

Iruka: “Stop lying Mizuki! Don’t let him trick you Naruto!”

Mizuki: “Ha ha ha ha ha! Oh I’ll tell you who’s really lying.”

Iruka: “No Mizuki!”

Mizuki: “They’ve been lying to you your whole life Naruto. Since the decree twelve years ago.”

Naruto: “What decree?”

Mizuki: “Everyone knows except you. Iruka’s trying to hide it from you even now. He’d do anything to shut me up!”

Naruto: “What is this decree? Why does everyone else know about it?”

Iruka: “Don’t tell him it’s forbidden!!!”

Mizuki: “The decree is no one can tell you the nine-tail fox is inside you!!”

[Naruto’s eyes open wide.]

Naruto: (Gasp!!)

Mizuki: “The fox spirit that killed Iruka’s parents and destroyed our village has taken over your body! You are the nine-tails fox!”

Iruka: “STOOOP IT!!!” [Naruto is now in shock.]

Mizuki: “They’ve all been sneaking around hiding things from you your whole life. Didn’t you think it was strange how they treated you? Like dirt! Like they hated you for just being alive!”

Naruto: “No! No no no no!!” [Naruto bends down and blue chakra starts swirling around him.]

Everything that is said and done during the episodes of Naruto.