Album: Best Hit Collection

Track #: 1

Artisit: Hound Dog

Come on!

As if you are being chased, you are in a hurry
This dry heart is screaming
This stubbornly burning star
is still far away
I have been losing while I'm seeking
I have been robbed while  I'm giving it
For no one, no one's property
This is our "now"

*overlap our feeling, overlap the dream, overlap the days
sweating, holding the tears, stirring the blood

fighting and loving 
it's just a far light  On the way
I have been betraying while I'm believing
I haven been hurting while I'm preying
It's no one's business, it's no one's fault
Our now
untie the pain, untie the heart, untie the shadow 
hold the breath,  run through the darkness  
feeling grief and dreaming 
will never end On the way

Repeat *

I wanna ROCKS in the heart ROCKS

Everything that is said and done during the episodes of Naruto.